The velvet underground & Nico

The velvet underground & Nico

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Andy Warhol

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17x11 3/8

The banana itself is, of course, the handiwork of Andy Warhol, who crafted the image and slapped it on the cover of his pet band’s first record in 1967. Warhol served as the manager and patron saint of the now iconic art rock band that surprisingly sold just 30,000 albums in its five years.

The original album cover allowed fans to peel back the banana skin as a sticker, revealing the fruit of a nude-colored banana underneath. The sexually-charged effect was difficult for manufacturers to pull off (the time it took to perfect the peel was part of the reason behind the album’s delayed release), but MGM deemed it warranted, since Warhol’s stamp of approval was bound to go far in the 1960s.

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