The Last Breakfast
The Last Breakfast

The Last Breakfast

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Hulbert Waldroup

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Hulbert Waldroup, A Chicago native that has been making an impact in New York Art and social circles since the late 1990's. Throughout his life Waldroup met and developed many interesting and inspiring relationships with people such asR. Kelly, Michael Jackson, C.F Moore, P. Diddy, Nas, Andre 3000, Johnny Cochran & Al Sharpton. Waldroup believes that value of his art is the emotion and reactions he achieves from those who see it.  

Waldroup has explored the corners of the world, climbing atop Pyramids in Mexico, he's dove off a cliff in Jamaica, seen a volcano in the Philippines, and gone snowboarding in the Swiss Alps. He’s driven at German Autobahn, ridden a camel in an Israeli dessert, prayed where Jesus was crucified and swam in the Dead Sea. Traveled the United States and Central America,Restored a 1920's Steel Shipping vessel to navigated down the Eire Canal from Michigan, Detroit to New York City Harbor.  All his life and experiences is evident in the work. 

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