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Cafe Michel

Cafe Michel

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Isaac Maimon

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Isaac Maimon was born in Israel, in 1951, to French speaking parents. He grew up in Tel Aviv exhibiting a talent for art, a love for la vie Francais, and an appreciation of the beauty of the human form. "I am inspired by beautiful women and the human form in general," he explains. "I see that there is beauty in every human being, and I am inspired to bring that beauty to my paintings."

Maimon has devoted the majority of his life pursuing a career in the arts. He attended the Avni Institute of Fine Arts in Tel Aviv, Israel's most prestigious academy for the arts. This is where his initial interest in the Paris School was cultivated; where he studied the works of the French painters Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Henri Matisse. Maimon was also inspired at this time by such Israeli artists as, Haim Kiva and Moshe Rosenthalis.

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